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4 Reasons to Bring the Family On Your Post-Pandemic Trip

Thinking about your first post-pandemic trip yet? If you are currently in quarantine with your spouse, or kids, or both, you may not be sold on the idea of dragging the clan along on holiday. You’ve probably been day dreaming of 7 days of complete solitude on some tropical beach, with no human sounds for miles. Or, travel may be the furthest thing from your mind because you may have lost your job, or you might be struggling with a newfound anxiety around the idea of traveling because of this new existence we live in. Or maybe you are dying for a family escape because your spring break plans fell apart (just ask my clients) and you’ve been dealing with broken hearts and dashed dreams around the house. Life is anything but normal at the moment, but if you’re a true traveler, you know that we will return to travel. When those travel bans are lifted and after all of this social distancing comes to an end, maybe, and just maybe you’ll be convinced that a post-pandemic trip with the whole family is a great idea. Here are a few things to consider…

1. Travel is the Ultimate Way to Celebrate Milestones

Put your hand up if you’re celebrating your birthday all by your lonesome this month? There will be SO MUCH to celebrate when all of this is over, now tack on all of the missed birthdays, cancelled weddings, delayed graduations and family reunions. Travel is a perfect way to mark those occasions, and to give yourselves a re-do on all of the missed fun. Whether it’s renting out a Riad in Marrakech, taking a river cruise between your favourite European cities, or spending your time on a tropical beach in the South Pacific, as long as you’re all together, you have the perfect recipe for unforgettable memories.

2. Travel Rekindles Family Relationships

If life during this strange and frightening time has taught us anything, it’s that we are all way too busy. How many times have your heard your mom or dad scold you for not calling them more often. Or heard a sibling grumble that they haven’t seen you enough. It is especially difficult to make time to connect with one another if you’re living on opposite sides of the planet! My brother lives in Lund, Sweden while I live in Squamish, British Columbia. By most standards, we’re very close, but work, parenting, and life in general have gotten in the way of “checking-in” on eachother. Travel has a delightful way of disconnecting you from your routine, and when you travel with family, it’s the ultimate way to not only catch up, but build on that foundation. My family is planning to spend our first post-pandemic trip in the Caribbean for New Years!

post-pandemic trip

3. Travel Turns Family into Teammates

Traveling is a great way to bond, and learn from eachother in unfamiliar and challenging environments. When my whole family gets together around the dinner table (which is rare, because as I mentioned, my baby brother lives in Sweden), our biggest laughs always centre around some crazy family holiday we took where something went horribly wrong. Be it our Mom getting dysentery while driving across Mexico (yeah, that wasn’t so funny at the time), getting lost in East LA and asking for directions from a bullet-ridden gas station, or getting practically thrown into a van when a relative had to race into the middle of Nazareth in Israel to rescue us because of a mob of teenagers shooting AK-47’s into the air (umm, yes, my family is a bit on the adventurous side in case you haven’t noticed). You don’t have to experience anything that extreme to learn from eachother, but you certainly learn what eachother are made of when a crisis hits (Plus, you end up with some pretty badass stories…if you live to tell the tales!)

post-pandemic trip

4. Travel Makes You Appreciate The Importance of Time

I mentioned above that travel can help us rekindle family relationships and help create lasting memories, but it also teaches us to…the…MOMENT. This is something we are getting a serious dose of right now – living in the moment. And it’s not a state we are accustomed to. My biggest fear when this is all over, after all of the celebrations have died down, and we’ve returned to the rat race we’ll go on forgetting about eachother. We’ll forget this newfound sense of community, even if it is socially distant closeness. Family travel is an opportunity to hit the restart button, leave all negatives in the past. And remember, living in the moment actually can make time go less quick, and feel more rich.

We may be in quarantine for some time more, and that’s okay. Now is the time to conserve, practice lot’s of self-care, reach out to friends, family and loved ones and make sure your tribe is coping well. And if you’re up for it, it’s also a great time to hit up your favourite travel blogs, sites, and guide books, call a family Zoom meeting and start planning out where on earth you all want to take your epic post-pandemic trip!

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